Ivanka Trump BLOCKED From Speaking At University Because Of “Diversity”


These people are out of their minds.

Wichita State University just CANCELED Ivanka Trump’s commencement speech because the college says it would make people think they don’t “take diversity seriously,” in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, according to the Daily Mail.

Apparently, students at the school were so angry that Ivanka Trump was giving a speech there, that the students garnered 488 signatures from faculty, students and alumni to have the speaking event canceled. Eventually, the college caved to the demands.

In the following statement, the college said:

“To our students of color, and to me, inviting Ivanka Trump to speak right now sends the message that WSU Tech does not take diversity seriously.”

Needless to say, this idiotic decision has caused a lot of outrage among Conservatives and Democrats alike.

Tom Cotton Responds

In response to the insane decision to prevent Ivanka Trump from speaking, Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas harshly criticized the leftists for their decision.

Cotton on Twitter wrote that it was “absurd” for Ivanka Trump’s speech to be canceled amid criticism over the president’s response to protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, saying on Twitter:

“This is absurd. @IvankaTrump, who leads economic development initiatives, was giving a non-partisan graduation speech at a community college. Great opportunity for grads to hear from a senior WH advisor. Instead, the woke mob struck⁠.”

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