Iran Just Executed A Man Who Was Spying For The CIA (REPORT)


Iran is NOT America’s friend.

According to a horrific report from Breitbart News, Iran has just EXECUTED a CIA agent on Tuesday. The man executed reportedly exposed secrets about Iran’s missile weapons to the United States. And they killed him for it.

CIA Resource Killed

The report states that a man named Reza Asgari was murdered by the government of Iran after it was discovered that he was working for the CIA. A government official for Iran issued a statement accusing Asgari of working for the CIA:

“In the last years of his service, he joined the CIA, he sold information about our missiles … to the CIA and took money from them. He was identified, tried and sentenced to death.”

Reza Asgari was executed last week. Iranian officials claim Asgari used to work in the airspace department of the ministry and retired in 2016.

Occasionally Iran announces arrests and convictions of alleged spies for foreign countries, but this is different. They killed someone for working with America.

A similar event like this only happened back in 2016. Iran executed a nuclear scientist convicted of spying for the United States.

Trump Calls For Iran’s Execution To Stop

President Trump has long stood up to Iran’s reckless executions of people. President Donald Trump even recently criticized Iran for trying to execute protesters, saying:

“Three individuals were sentenced to death in Iran for participating in protests… Executing these three people sends a terrible signal to the world and should not be done! “

You can view Trump’s original tweet on Twitter below:

Iran Is Not America’s Friend

This is just one of the many recent examples where the nation of Iran simply cannot be trusted.

The news of the CIA agent’s death comes just days after Iran confirmed that it purposely shot down an airplane with 176 passengers on board.

Iran even recently released an “arrest warrant” for President of the United States Donald Trump. They claim Trump should be arrested for “terrorism”.

Iran’s parliament even recently chanted “Death to America” after the death of George Floyd a few weeks ago.

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