Insider Says Jeffrey Epstein Was Bankrolled By Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father


For years, investigators have wondered where liberal billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s fortune came from. And now it looks like a new clue has finally been uncovered.

According to a new report released by New York Post, it looks like Jeffrey Epstein was bankrolled by his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell’s father. An insider has provided lawyers sworn testimony saying Epstein was secretly bankrolled by his reputed ex’s dad.

Insider Testifies Under Oath

Under oath, an insider familiar with Jeffrey Epstein’s financial operations says that Jeffrey Epstein’s fortune was bankrolled by his lover Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, media mogul Robert Maxwell.

The notorious newspaper The Sun reports that Epstein’s financial ties with Maxwell’s dad was first disclosed by model scout Jean-Luc Brunel in chats nearly 20 years ago. The friend of Brunel told the newspaper:

“Jean-Luc was telling [acquaintances] how Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell was one of the reasons why Jeffrey Epstein had money.”

The source continued, saying:

“He said Maxwell had been one of Epstein’s early investment clients. I assumed that Maxwell had invested in Epstein, who then used that money to make his own.”

Epstein’s Disturbing Ties

This isn’t the first time that Jeffrey Epstein’s business relationships have come under intense scrutiny.

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Several of Epstein’s victims claim that Jeffrey Epstein was helped by Royal Family member Prince Andrew. They claim that Prince Andrew helped get Epstein out of trouble over sex crimes.

Epstein’s connection with government officials even allegedly go as far as former President Bill Clinton. One report even suggests that Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell had an affair at one point.

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    I believe Joe Biden had a long running affair with Maxine Waters. It’s said that Maxie liked the way Joe blue on the backs of her ears.


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