“Inside Attack” SCARE – Ghislaine Maxwell’s Guards Implicated…

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It looks like the media is trying to cover this up…

Although Ghislaine Maxwell has just been placed on “suicide watch” in prison recently, it’s NOT because she’s suicidal. Instead, it’s because she’s facing DEADLY THREATS from her own prison guards! And yet, it looks like the liberal media is refusing to talk about her guards threatening her at all.

The Media Is Hiding This Report

Although CNN recently reported that Maxwell was being placed on “suicide watch” without being suicidal, they conveniently left out the part that she was facing threats from her prison guards.

Instead, CNN claimed that the “suicide watch” order was given “without justification.”

But here’s the real reason they put her on suicide watch.

Maxwell’s Guards Are Implicated

Ghislaine Maxwell revealed publicly that Brooklyn jail staff threatened her safety. Reuters reports that as a response the prison put her on “suicide watch” to protect her from alleged guards that are SUPPOSED to be protecting her.

Prosecutors confirmed this is the case. She’s literally in danger from her own prison guards!
The news has people worried for Maxwell’s safety, especially considering what happened to liberal billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (an alleged “suicide”).

Why Did CNN Ignore This Damning Info?

It’s important to note that CNN left out the damning detail about Maxwell’s guards from their reporting (go ahead, read their story yourself).

Convenient, isn’t it?

Instead, they chose to focus on her trying to delay her trial, writing:

“Ghislaine Maxwell has been placed on suicide watch, even though she is not suicidal, and may need to postpone her sentencing…”

The fact that the liberal media is refusing to talk about Maxwell’s guards should strike everyone as suspicious at least.