Indian Tribe Sends Letter To Biden Administration Condemning Latest Order


The media REFUSES to report the truth.

According to Conservative Review. a Native American tribe of Indians has just taken A STAND against Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency, saying that his orders are a “direct attack” on America’s economy and will hurt American Indians.

Biden In Trouble

On Thursday, just one day after Joe Biden was sworn into office, a Native American tribe BLASTED Joe Biden’s urgent order that “suspends delegations of authority regarding… federal lands.”

The order, which was given by Joe Biden, will literally hurt the ability of the American Indian Tribes to ruin their own local economies the way they have in the past. At least, that’s how they see it.

The tribe in question, the Ute Indian Tribe, released a condemnation of Biden’s recent orders, saying:

“Your order is a direct attack on our economy, sovereignty, and our right to self-determination.”

You can read the written letter to Joe Biden yourself below:

This is what Joe Biden has managed to do in recent days. He’s targeted America’s economy, he’s destroyed his relationship with American Indians, he has taken aggressive actions to provoke hostility with foreign governments, and has drained America of money by giving it to foreign leaders.

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15 Responses

  1. Stella

    January 24, 2021 6:12 pm

    Joe Biden is what the left has told him to do. His wife thinks she is first lady now. She is not. The whole fisco is a disgrace to people who put their trust in the DNC and has played them all for fools.

  2. Merrill

    January 24, 2021 6:34 pm

    Joe is just doing what Obama and Soros have told him to do .. The democrats are nothing more than Hitlers Nazis..
    And we are the Jews .. Get prepared to fight .. Do not give in to their destruction ..Dabe the coungry .. They are weakening the country very quickly and may cause us to be attacked on our soil. Joe won’t be around for long ..And Harris is not Presidential material ……


    January 24, 2021 6:41 pm

    Biden is a puppet to their party. THEY are the one’s that are playing him for a fool. AND his wife is either totally stupid, also being played for a fool, OR wanted in there so badly that she doesn’t care!!

  4. david

    January 24, 2021 6:51 pm

    And just think the left said for 5 years that Donald Trump was the problem. So now who is the STUPID left is going to blame now Mickey Mouse? This is what happens when you have a rigged election and they put a man in the white house who spent all of his time in a basement. It makes you wonder why he stayed in the basement, I bet he was told in the fall of 2020 that they it rigged so he can not lose. Al I can say is after just five day he is doing a super fine job DESTROYING THIS NATION. why has he not said anything about the riots. Maybe because over the summer his VP said that the riots should not stop, hell she even raised money to ball the left out of jail.

  5. Jody

    January 24, 2021 7:32 pm

    Our constitution was based on in God we Trust. When
    Bummer declared that America was no longer a Christian nation America has been on a rapid downfall. No one objected so now it’s our problem welcome to the Nazi America.

  6. Donald Miller

    January 24, 2021 9:09 pm

    For the past four years , the Liberal Democrats have been calling President Trump a dictator because he was the strong president that we and the world needed !
    And what do we have now ? We have a very weak man that is destroying our country from the inside ! However , the world also needed our strong president ! Watch what happens now . China is going to attack and TAKE Taiwan. The United States is committed to assisting Taiwan. Is China Joe up to it ? I dout it. I believe that he will abandon Taiwan. Also on the horizon , Kim of North Korea may take South Korea with the assistance of China. China also has it’s eyes on the Philippines. The foolish Democrats hated President Trump so much that they have abandoned the world. I also believe that the Ayatollah is now ready to attack Israel without President Trump as a deterrent. That cedes half of the world to China and the other half to the Muslims. They will clash eventually because Islam wants the entire world and so does China. Islam has been taking over Europe and the United States just sat and watched. They have their eyes on us also. And now Joe has opened our gates to them just as the Europeans did . I’m too old to see the actual end. But , I have grandsons that will be involved in the coming world war.
    God help you all !

  7. David Dearman

    January 24, 2021 11:47 pm

    It’s obvious that he, J. Biden, has broken his sworn oath to defend the constitution. He must be ruled null et void. Depose this dictator with prejudice for the sake of the American people by whom this dictator does not represent.

    With all due respect,
    David Dearman
    A.k.a. PINK Pinky et frère
    Tout pour ma soeur chérie

  8. Equalizer

    January 25, 2021 3:17 pm

    LMAO. The tribes for the most part, are Democrat & vote that way. How’s that working out for them? It would be surprising to see them push the issue beyond a complaint, considering the massive tax payer hand outs they receive.


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