Ilhan Omar Blames Donald Trump For Her Own Bigamy Scandal


It just keeps getting crazier and crazier…

Rep. Ilhan Omar has just released a new book revealing that she had a ‘Britney Spears-style meltdown’ after her divorce in 2008. She claims that she shaved her head and eloped with a man she hardly even knew. In the bizarre book, she even blames Donald Trump for recent reports that she may have even married her brother to commit immigration fraud according to an exclusive report by the Daily Mail.

The information comes from Omar’s new autobiography called This Is What America Looks Like.

A Divorce Meltdown

In Omar’s book, she claimed that her divorce in 2008 caused her to run off with a man she didn’t even know:

“I had a Britney Spears-style meltdown, I not only eloped with a man — whom I spent so little time with that I wouldn’t even make him a footnote in my story if it weren’t for the fact that this event turned into the main headline later on — but I shaved my head.”

She claims the only person who seemed to notice that Omar shaved her head was her son, Adnan:

”’Mommy looks like me,’ Adnan declared. And he was right, I did look like a little boy.”

Omar BASELESSLY Blames Trump For Reports That She Married Her Brother

In Omar’s book, she also responded to the recent reports that she may have married her brother to illegally commit immigration fraud to get into America.

She refused to acknowledge the fact that the FBI is now investigating whether she illegally married her brother.

Instead, not only did Omar claim the rumors were false, but she even lashed out at Trump and randomly attacked him for her possibly fake marriage:

“In a world of conspiracy theories and propaganda, which flourished with the rise of Donald Trump, no answer was ever going to be good enough.”

She refused to talk about her fraudulent marriage after that. Next, she made the explosive claim that Somalians were plotting against her:

“Instead of celebrating the first black Muslim woman elected to a state legislature in the United States, some people in my own community continued to work against it.”

She continued:

“The source of the information about my brief past relationship was the work of people trying to preserve their power structure. It didn’t work. Despite all their efforts, I kept rising.”

What She Won’t Talk About

Although Omar might pretend to be transparent, she’s not giving everyone the whole story.

Right now, the FBI is currently investigating Omar for multiple criminal violations relating to perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, federal student loan fraud, and bigamy.

And that’s just what the FBI is investigating! There’s a lot more that Omar probably won’t answer for.

For instance, Ilhan Omar was forced to delete her Twitter account after lied to Americans by claiming she was raising money for a charity – when the money was really going to her campaign fund.

Or how about just a few weeks ago when Omar was caught illegally funneling nearly $300k to her previous husband?

So yes – Omar can pretend to be transparent all she wants. But in the end, the American people will know the truth about her numerous crimes.

She’s a disgrace to our country and everything it represents. And until she pays the price, books like hers are simply distractions.

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