Ilhan Omar DELETES Tweet After Being Accused Of Fraud


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Rep. Ilhan Omar has had more fraud scandals than any other Congress member. And now she’s in another one!

According to PJ Media editor David Steinberg, Ilhan Omar was caught DELETING her tweet from Twitter after someone accused Ilhan Omar of lying about being associated with a charity so that her campaign could pocket extra cash with fundraising.

Omar reportedly made the claim on Twitter that she was partnering with MNFoodShare to help deliver meals to students and families in her state. And Omar told people to donate money to her campaign and that the money would be transferred to the charity:

“As Minnesotans struggle with hunger, I’m partnering with @MNFoodShare and other local groups that pack and deliver meals to students and families… Chip in $5 today to power their efforts to keep our communities fed.”

However, it was quickly pointed out that Omar was committing fraud. The actual Executive Director of Minnesota FoodShare program left a comment and revealed that she was not partnering with Omar and did not know where the money was going to, exposing Omar as possibly committing fundraising fraud:

“I am the Executive Director of GMCC – Minnesota FoodShare is our program. Ilhan Omar had nothing to do with this project. I do not know where this money is going to.”

Not long after, Ilhan Omar DELETED the the tweet, giving credit to the claims that she was possibly committing fraud.

It’s Time To Axe Ilhan Omar

This is just another bombshell example of why Rep. Ilhan Omar does NOT belong in Congress. If she is willing to lie about something like this, what else is she lying about?

It’s absolutely nuts that she’s managed to get away with all of this so far. Her actions should be investigated, and she should be kicked out of office. Period.

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