Ilhan Omar BOOED Off Stage As Scandals Continue To Grow

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Michigan lawmaker Ilhan Omar just learned how unpopular she really is.

Rep. Ilhan Omar recently attended a sold-out music concert in Minneapolis to celebrate Somalia Independence Day. Despite the diverse group, the crowd began loudly booing as soon as Omar walked on stage. At one point you can hear someone yelling expletives at her to go away!

Omar Gets Booed Of Stage

The incident happened at a Somalian music concert in Minneapolis, Michigan. The music event was highly attended and featured the famous Somalian singer Suldaan Seeraar.

Also appearing at the music festival was Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has been recently plagued with scandals involving Jewish people.

As Omar appeared on stage, the crowd began screaming at her. Loud boos came from a crowd of thousands of people.

You can watch it yourself here:

According to one source, people chanted “Get out!”, “Get lost!”, “Get the f*** out of here!” and “Shut the f*** up”.

And mind you, this crowd is made up of thousands of Somalis. They aren’t racist.

Shukri Abdirahman, who recently dropped out of this year’s GOP primary to run against Omar, responded to the incident, saying:

“Ilhan Omar’s BOOOD by nearly 10K SOMALIS at a sold out, highly anticipated Somali music concert at Target Center in Minneapolis! This’s what she gets for trading her Godly, Conservative values for the sinful LGBTQIA’s & the promiscuous abortionists. LET’S GO ILHAN!”

Ilhan Omar’s Many Scandals

Ilhan Omar has long been a controversial Democrat leader.  There are numerous examples of this.

David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Committee recently wrote the following article outlining Omar’s disgusting actions in Newsweek, writing heavily about her recent attacks against the Jewish people:

“Despite her repeated denials and the rush to circle the wagons from some left-wing Jews, there’s an undeniable pattern… By now, the pattern is too clear to ignore. Ultimately, of course, the future of Omar is up to the voters in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. They have elected her twice, in 2018 and 2020. But in the meantime, she poses a challenge for her party.”

Along with her treatment of Jewish people, the FBI is also investigating a possible secret marriage between her and her brother. They have confirmed this.

According to the New York Post:

“Two FBI agents held an hours-long meeting in Minnesota in mid-October with a concerned party who handed over a trove of documents regarding Omar’s 2009 marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a source with knowledge of the event said.”

Many rumors have circulated online that Omar’s marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi may have been an elaborate rouse involving her brother.