Ilhan Omar Announces Yet ANOTHER Marriage Partner


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It looks like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota is once again a bride…

On an Instagram post, the liberal Congress member revealed that she had just got married “from partners in politics to partners in life.”



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Got married! From partners in politics to life partners, so blessed. Alhamdulillah ❤️

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Oh Boy, Here We Go Again

Ilhan Omar’s numerous marriages are perhaps one of the most scandalous things about her.

Her marriages have always ended in failure for the Congresswoman due to her infidelity. Maybe that explains why she’s getting remarried after only 37 days of being divorced from her last husband.

Her last divorce was finalized after allegations were made by a D.C. woman that Omar was having an affair with the woman’s husband, who was a political consultant. According to the New York Post:

“Dr. Beth Mynett says her cheating spouse, Tim Mynett, told her in April that he was having an affair with the Somali-born US representative — and that he even made a ‘shocking declaration of love’ for the Minnesota congresswoman before he ditched his wife, alleges the filing, submitted in DC Superior Court on Tuesday.”

Did She Marry Her Brother?

Just a few months ago, the FBI launched a probe into one of her previous marriages because it is believed she secretly married her brother to get him an American citizenship.

Even the liberal fact-checking website Snopes admits it’s indeed possible.

The fact that Ilhan Omar has managed to get away with all of this is simply mind-blowing.

If she was anybody else, she would have been kicked out of Congress years ago.

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