ICE Agency Sends Humiliating Letter To Ilhan Omar


Rep. Ilhan Omar just received a humiliating letter showing just how wrong she really is on immigration.

According to a new report released by Fox News, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) just sent a letter to Ilhan Omar showing that the deportations she objected to included violents criminals who allegedly were rapists and murderers.

Omar Gets The Letter

It all started when it was discovered the ICE was going to send a deportation flight to the country of Somalia. Omar freaked out over the news, and claimed that “Deporting immigrants during a pandemic is cruel” and that “ICE must be held accountable.”

But once again, Ilhan Omar was completely wrong. Not only was the deportation flight necessary and perfectly legal, but the illegal immigrants it deported included murderers and rapists.

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ICE agency said in a letter to the congresswoman that the deported people had very horrible criminal histories, writing:

“This week, ICE removed 39 Somalia nationals, 36 of whom have criminal histories. These crimes include murder, rape, domestic violence, assault, sexual assault, crimes against children, drug trafficking, and conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.”

This is just another example of why Ilhan Omar should NOT serve in Congress. She is so busy pretending that immigrants are victims that she accidentally starts defending rapists and murderers. It’s absolutely disgraceful what she’s doing.

Do YOU think rapists and murderers should be deported? Comment below!

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19 Responses

  1. Alan

    September 22, 2020 9:54 am

    Need to revoke her citizenship .she hates the country and the flag.she was sworn in to uphold or laws and
    honor america. send her back to africa where u found her..

  2. von Potter

    September 22, 2020 10:41 am

    Do not know how she ever graduated as she is another one of those idiotic muslim fanatic…………And she has proved that her head is empty of any intelligence……..

  3. Patriot American

    September 22, 2020 2:34 pm

    Instead of sending this bitch a letter justifying themselves, the question is why wasn’t this terrorist loving rag head on that flight along with their rest of the scum from the shithole see crawled out of??? .. 😡

  4. Alan Lane Gooch

    September 22, 2020 2:51 pm

    Yes she can if the cowardly Government would stop worrying about the woke mob and cancel culture and prosecute the butch. She has committed enough felonies to be able to rack up 20 years if our system worked right. She has defrauded immigration to get her brother here. I would not be as worried about it if he was stuck in a shit hole like they were in the past, but he was in England and had no worries. Then she lied on affidavits about him She defrauded the Government on taxes for 3 or more years, She committed fraud against the Government in her education through fraud. This woman has no, absolutely no intent of following our laws. As she has in the past repeatedly lied, stolen, received benefits she was not entitled too or eligible for. If you or I had done this they would throw the book at us and we would spend 10 to 20 years in prison.

  5. Brian Bodine

    September 22, 2020 10:11 pm

    Deport her hell, execute the fle bag for treason. Teach other scum bags that if they come here to destroy this nation they will not be sent home but rather they will be sent to hell.

  6. FrankAboutIt

    September 25, 2020 3:33 am

    This is the Democratic Communist Party response to everything they don’t like. Spontaneous, Ignorant, Distorted, Mistaken Characterization of events, incidents and government agency responses, to matters within their agency’s jurisdiction, by politicians who have no clue what these agencies do, nor do the politicians know what laws, policies and training guide the members of these agencies in performing their duties. Politicians have manifested their stupidity repeatedly, especially since the Clinton Administration, on matters where it would have been prudent to keep tight lips until they have facts, and know what they are speaking about. With respect to Criminal Investigations on anyone involved in an alleged serious crime, politicians should refrain from saying anything until the investigation is complete; and at this point, it is the Investigator/s responsibility; or the Investigator/s Administrator who should be presenting the facts of the case; not some damn politician. I want to hear the facts of the case; not some fictional account of some dumb politicians misunderstanding of what happened.


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