Hunter Biden Tries To Play “Victim” After Partying With Daddy’s Money

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Hunter Biden partied with hookers and smoked cocaine while raking in MILLIONS because of his daddy’s money.

And now Hunter Biden is trying to play “victim” by claiming that Trump was somehow bullying him for pointing out Hunter’s disgraceful behavior.

Hunter Biden Launches DISGUSTING Attack Against Trump For Exposing Him

In a sickening attack, Hunter Biden claims that Donald Trump was somehow a bully for pointing out Hunter Biden’s past disgraceful acts.

Hunter Biden even says when Trump debated with his father, he hoped Trump would talk about Hunter’s drug addictions:

“The one thing that I was hoping for was that attack from Donald Trump…”

Hunter Biden continued, claiming that he wanted his dad to respond by taking in people who “suffered” from drugs so they would think what Hunter did was somehow ok:

“And I knew that my dad would answer in a way that would speak to the millions and millions of people that have somebody that they love, or they themselves, that has suffered from the disease of addiction.”

It’s absolutely vile.

You can read all of Hunter Biden’s insane comments here.

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