Hillary Clinton Now Giving Lectures On How President’s “Should Act In The Oval Office”


Hillary Clinton has lost her mind.

According to a new report just released by The Gateway Pundit, Hillary Clinton is now literally giving advice on how a president “should act in the Oval Office” despite being married to an accused rapist and disgraced Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Now Giving Lectures On How President’s Should Act

In a newly released interview with CNN, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went on a bizarre rant lecturing on how presidents should act in the Oval Office despite her and Bill Clinton’s many past scandals:

“I give [Biden] an ‘A’ and I’m a hard grader… he has once again embodied and modeled what a president should act like in the Oval Office, in the White House, in the world at large.”

This is insane. Hillary Clinton is literally so delusional, she now considers herself an authority on the issue of “what a president should act like.”

Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve an opinion. She should stay out of politics and stop humiliating herself in front of the entire country.

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