Hillary Clinton Attacks Trump For Holding Up Bible – Calls It “Deeply Hypocritical”


Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launched another vicious attack against President Donald Trump recently. This time, she claims that Donald Trump is somehow trying to “hijack Christianity”.

In an explosive interview with the Independent, Hillary accused Donald Trump of trying to “hijack” Christianity and the Bible. She stopped just short of saying that Donald Trump isn’t a Christian, saying, “He can’t tell you a single thing that’s in it.”

Hillary Clinton’s comments come just a week after Donald Trump stood in front of a church in Washington D.C. that was set on fire by liberal rioters. Trump held up a Bible in front of the church and said that he would stand up for Christianity and would stand up for law and order.

Hillary Tries To Lecture Trump On Christianity

In the interview, Hillary said that Trump is a hypocrite for standing up for the Bible, saying:

“That has been a pattern. He’s tried to hijack Christianity and the Bible in ways that are, you know, deeply hypocritical.”

Hillary Clinton then referred to the fact that Trump gave a speech in front of a burning church after the George Floyd riots:

“And that was just another occasion and the outcry by religious leaders, I think, demonstrated clearly that nobody was being fooled.”

In that same interview, Hillary then made a statement directed at Donald Trump saying that after the 2020 election, Donald Trump should “Just go away quietly.”:

Hillary Is Wrong

The fact that Hillary Clinton would try to lecture Donald Trump on Christianity is just crazy. This is the same woman who actively tried to silence Bill Clinton’s rape accusers. This is the same woman who tried to legalize after birth abortion.

There’s a reason Hillary Clinton didn’t become president. She doesn’t even know what real religion is. Because every other time in her life she has used religion as a cheap weapon to get more power for herself.

Thank goodness Hillary Clinton is not president today.

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