He’s Bringing In The Big Guns!

According to Human Events, Donald Trump has quietly brought back his former strategist Jason Miller as his 2024 campaign strategist.  The decision marks a huge win for the Steve Bannon wing of the Republican Party. Miller is a close friend of Steve Bannon. Both Miller and Bannon have been quietly building the infrastructure Donald Trump needs to stage his 2024 comeback.

Who Is Jason Miller? You probably don’t know Jason Miller. Mainstream media likes to ignore him. Jason Miller has long been an ally of Donald Trump. After Trump was banned from social media in 2020, Miller founded Gettr and worked with Steve Bannon to make sure Donald Trump didn’t vanish from the internet.

It worked. Jason Miller’s model of Gettr worked so well that Donald Trump used it to build his own platform, Truth Social. It’s allowed Trump to have a voice.

What makes Jason Miller special is that he’s friends with the one and only Steve Bannon.

You may have heard about Brazil’s presidential election recently that led to riots and a storming of the capitol in Brazil. Bannon and Miller worked together to advise Bolsanaro and were the ones who exposed the corruption of the Brazilian Supreme Court.

As a result, Miller’s return could also represent a return of Steve Bannon. Back in 2017, Time Magazine declared Steve Bannon as the “Second most powerful man in the world” after Donald Trump.

When Steve Bannon left Trump’s administration in 2018, it was a wound for Trump’s campaign that would never be fixed. The fact that he’s back could mean that Donald Trump will be a strategic force to be reckoned with.

Bannon has even been revealing the key details behind Trump’s reelection strategy for a few months.

Get ready. The ride is only going to get wilder from here.