Harris Campaign Still Owes $1 Million To Vendors Over Failed Presidential Bide (REPORT)


Sen. Kamala Harris past is full of countless scandals. And now this has been discovered.

According to a report by Fox News, it has just been revealed that Kamala Harris still owes vendors over $1 MILLION dollars for her failed presidential campaign that she ran into the ground earlier this year. Her debts still haven’t been paid.

Filings Show Kamala Harris In Financial Trouble

According to newly released documents, Senator Harris raised around $39 million during her presidential campaign in 2019. And not only did she spend ALL OF IT, but she even spent $1 million more than that, leaving her in more than a million dollars in debt.

She reportedly decided to end her campaign abruptly in December amid a drop in polling and a lack of money.

Bloomberg News reports that Harris’ campaign owes the following money to multiple groups:

  • $523,883 to Perkins Coie LLP.
  •  $160,702. to TorchStone Global LLC.
  • And $92,408 to SCRB Strategies.

Not all of the companies listed are known.

According to Fox News:

“At the end of June, Harris’ campaign had just $116,380 in the bank, the filings show, but owed nearly $1.14 million in outstanding debt.”

Not only is Kamala Harris apparently bad at running a campaign. But she doesn’t even pay back her debts.

That’s all you need to know heading into to the 2020 election. Kamala Harris isn’t trustworthy. Period.

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