Governor Said, “Hell No” Not In My State!

New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy, a Democrat, sent shockwaves through the party by declaring his state would not accept migrants from neighboring New York. This move highlights a growing divide among Democrats on how to handle the influx of illegal aliens.

The Atlantic City International Airport was proposed as a location to house migrants by the Department of Homeland Security, among other federal sites. However, Governor Murphy vehemently opposes this plan, stating that there is no feasible scenario to accommodate migrants there.

New York City has been grappling with an estimated 100,000 migrants who arrived over the past year, a situation exacerbated by the Biden administration’s rollback of the Title 42 asylum policy. Governor Murphy argued that handling this influx would require massive federal resources that New Jersey simply cannot afford.

New York City has faced intense protests against opening new migrant shelters, particularly in Staten Island. These demonstrations have led to arrests, including that of former Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa. Additionally, the city’s schools anticipate enrolling approximately 20,000 new migrant children this academic year, even before they receive required vaccinations.

The divide among Democrats over migrant resettlement plans is not unique to New York and New Jersey, as other Democratic-led cities, such as Chicago, have also seen significant protests against similar proposals.