Ghislaine Maxwell Prepared To Be KILLED After Epstein’s Death – Friends Say She Is Still In Danger


These aren’t just theories. They are facts. We now know what really happened.

According to a bombshell report by the New York Post, after Jeffrey Epstein’s death, Ghislaine Maxwell prepared for an assassination attempt to be made on her life. She reportedly paid £154,345 to hire ex-SAS guards to protect her from the same people she believed killed Epstein. Friends close to her also believe that there may still be an attempt to harm her in jail.

Preparing To Die

According to the report, Ghislaine Maxwell hired ex-SAS guards after she was left with ‘real fear’ for her life due to her relationship with infamous liberal billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell payed £154,345 to a company called “The Next Step” which advised her “on the preservation of life and how to relocate” as authorities and potential enemies of Epstein circled around her.

A source told the the New York Post that Maxwell was scared she was going to be murdered:

“Ghislaine lived in real fear something might happen to her, and with good reason. She sought help from former SAS professionals.”

Friends of Maxwell confirmed that they believe she might be killed:

“Do I think she’s in danger? Yes.”

The connections stem from her relationship with Epstein, who killed himself in prison awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. But many people think that Epstein’s “suicide” was really a murder.

Maxwell Knows Too Much

Maxwell was one of Jeffrey Epstein’s closest allies. She even reportedly helped him blackmail celebrities and rape young children.

The New York Post has even released a list of celebrities that Maxwell might have dirt on. The list includes Prince Andrew, Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Former US President Bill Clinton, and countless others.

There’s no telling how much Maxwell knows about these peoples’ involvement with Epstein. However, it is known that Maxwell intends to cooperate with the police. She intends to spill the beans and expose some very important people.

Even Prince Andrew recently admitted that he is “concerned” with the news that she expose what she really knows.

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