George Soros Calls For Facebook To DELETE Trump Advertisements


This man is pure evil.

For decades now, Democrat billionaire George Soros has tried to rig American politics against Republicans and Donald Trump. Even just a few days ago, Soros launched a project to dump nearly $60 million in an effort to force America to allow remote voting ahead of the 2020. And now this.

George Soros just went on an insane rant in the Financial Times claiming that Donald Trump is somehow trying to rig the 2020 election. Soros idiotically claims that Facebook is working for Trump to get him reelected. And not only that, but Soros called for Facebook to CENSOR Trump and to delete Trump’s advertisements to sink his 2020 campaign.

Soros Is Scared Trump Will Win

Soros made the bogus claim that Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump have struck a “mutual assistance arrangement” that will help the US president “get re-elected” in the 2020 election, saying:

“Mr Zuckerberg appears to be engaged in some kind of mutual assistance arrangement with Donald Trump that will help him to get re-elected.”

Soros continued, saying:

“Facebook does not need to wait for government regulations to stop accepting any political advertising in 2020 until after the elections on November 4. If there is any doubt whether an ad is political, it should err on the side of caution and refuse to publish.”

Soros then called for government regulation of Facebook, saying that the government should come in and shut free speech down:

“It goes without saying that I support government regulation of social media platforms.”

Soros Wants To Kill Free Speech

George Soros is trying to kill free speech here in America. That’s his goal.

From the very beginning, George Soros has been giving money to hardcore Democrats who want socialism to run rampant through this country. And now he’s literally calling for big companies to interfere in a presidential election.

This is complete madness. George Soros is a threat to our country. He’s a threat to national security. And he needs to be stopped.

Do YOU think George Soros is a threat to national security? Comment below!

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195 Responses

    • Fred

      June 21, 2020 2:28 pm

      Chris wallace is a traitor we all know this , and the blm and antifa are starting these shooting and riots and destruction ! The question is they live somewhere !!!

      • Carol Ann Shields

        June 21, 2020 4:16 pm

        Washed Up Wallace needs to go. Had Juan Williams on today that said with a straight face that ALL the protests that he knew were calm and peaceful. He should see the local TV news for weeks and weeks every day from MPLS>

  1. Betty J Harrison

    June 21, 2020 2:19 pm

    Ireadthat Soros has been banned from his birth country. Too bad we cannot ban him and his money from political actions or groups in our country. He is a Socialist with lots of money.. Have him give his MILLIONS to the poor in this country( not politic) ,keep enough to live like most middle class then he might could be listened to

    • TRUTH

      June 22, 2020 1:17 am

      Betty J, I couldn’t agree more! He has and has paid his political groups to try to disrupt the the race for President by Trump, his love for the USA and all we stand for.I

      Soros is a socialist or worse and should not be allowed to influence such wicked policies with his wealth.

  2. Darla

    June 21, 2020 2:24 pm

    Soros is not a real American and is only looking to destroy America. He is a evil person, possibly Satan himself. He wants an open society and that is what he is trying to do to America. He needs to be put in arrested for Treason and hung.

    • russell d remmert

      June 21, 2020 7:55 pm

      he needs to be mailed back with his ill-gotten money we do not need this creep in our country, they say he worker with Hitler is that true

      • DB

        June 21, 2020 8:56 pm

        Yes, he turned in his neighbors or anyone else he heard about to get special favors from the WWII Nazi’s. That’s how he started his financial empire.

  3. Anne Stiefel

    June 21, 2020 2:31 pm

    George Soros is pure evil and he should have been arrested a longtime ago.
    It is really crazy nobody could have done something to eliminate this dangerous reptile.
    Why to wait so long? This evil is destroying America and our President.

  4. Patty

    June 21, 2020 2:36 pm

    This old man is a dangerous person. He needs to be arrested and shot for sedition. I am amazed that no one has done it yet.

  5. mbr722

    June 21, 2020 2:37 pm

    George Soros a pitiful excuse for a human being! Nasty to look at on the outside and even nastier where his brain should be. Butt fugly, awful man, but I guess he really believed if you have the money you can do it say what you want. I guess so, but it really leaves him lacking in dignity and refinement, but I suppose he thinks his money can buy that for him! Sorry, pal, but no. You lack even a shred of human dignity.

  6. Jim

    June 21, 2020 2:45 pm

    Why isn’t there someone in our government, with a big enough pair to have ‘Sorryass’ tossed into prison for treason and sedition, and have his wealth taken from him.

  7. Berni Andersen

    June 21, 2020 2:45 pm

    Send the BUM to Aleppo. He’s a no good tyrant and doesn’t belong here. Even his native country won’t allow him back to Hungry. From the name of Schwartz to escape the German Nazi occupation he changed his name. Then he capitalizes on the Russian USSR for monetary reasons. Now he wants to destroy America. Know what buddy, you do not deserve to live here in your New York Mansion just miles north from Hillary. You are a BUM, a turncoat and opportunist you selfish alien BUM. Your soul belongs to the devil for your evil deeds and hell has a room for you. It will be the hottest place for you to live.

  8. Johnallen Norris

    June 21, 2020 3:02 pm

    You. Bet he is why isn’t he in prison for his actions the world knows what he does to country’s and gives money and support riots with his buddy Barry sotoro the last loser liar and never chief
    Where is the law in America he is nothing better than a terriost

  9. Barbara

    June 21, 2020 3:08 pm

    Sorts is an evil ignorant person that needs to be put in prison for the rest of his life as well as his grandson or anyone else in his family that is spreading socialism. He has his reckoning day when he comes before God and he is sent to burn in he’ll for the rest of his life

  10. Jo

    June 21, 2020 3:09 pm

    Soros is a progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat. He uses his Money to overthrow our Republic an turn it into a Fascist Nazi Government like
    He was part of in Nazi Germany. Why is he and his family allowed to live in America.
    He should be deported for treason like he should have for treason against the Jewish people.

    • Tink

      June 21, 2020 6:53 pm

      He started this shit in Hungary where he comes from and they said nope, you got to go!! Why is he still here???? Need to do something about that!!!

  11. Gary

    June 21, 2020 3:12 pm

    Here is a raving maniac who is a MAJOR PLAYER in the one world government and one world religion movements. He has been banned from seven countries to date and should be a number one target of William Barr’s DOJ current investigative agenda. His Open Society Foundation is at the head of an elaborate network of so called “charities” set up for tax avoidance and legal maneuvering designed to create havoc in this country and attempt to take out the Trump agenda. Follow the money. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are recipients of his direct funding schemes. He was involved with the scandal in Ukraine. How many prominent Democrats are on the receiving end of his so called “charitable” scandal sheet. Hillary Clinton has been a large recipient of his support. DO you not think that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are servants to his scandalous whims? Are they not supposed to be servicing the American people or are they prosituting themselves to the “call of cash?” Soros is also connected to the Pope and the climate change, global warming and immigrant and criminal reform agendas. He also is well established in the United Nations as was recently evidenced by a UN employee who also just happens to be a Director of his Open Society organization coming out with a public announcement that Antifa is a legitimate charity organization and should be well respected rather than a domestic terrorist target. This guy wants to DESTROY the very foundations of our country. What say you President Trump and Attorney General Barr?

    • Tink

      June 21, 2020 6:56 pm


  12. Dennis M Curtis

    June 21, 2020 3:23 pm

    George Soro should be bought up on treason charges and have his citizen taken away. I had all his money taken from him. If he like communist so well, send to Russia he’s already a Stalinist.

  13. TESS

    June 21, 2020 3:23 pm


  14. Dee

    June 21, 2020 3:26 pm

    Chris Wallace is scum! Always was always will be! He is on Fox, and I ask Why? Can’t stand to look at him probably because he is evil!

  15. Raymond O Zink

    June 21, 2020 3:29 pm

    Worse than Any Notorious Terriost..WHY? BECAUSE HE IS STILL FREE FROM ALL HIS CRIMES.!!!????

  16. Kenneth Frazier

    June 21, 2020 3:42 pm

    George Soros is Mr. Deep State himself and for him to come out against our president he must have touched a nerve. Just keep on keeping on Mr. president, Your doing a great job.

  17. Shirley H Crosa

    June 21, 2020 4:02 pm

    Soneone needs to show Chris Wallace and George Soros where the door is and the ticket office at the airport. How awful of them.

  18. Sigrid Egan

    June 21, 2020 4:04 pm

    I would recommend that all facebook writers, who support Donald Trump should cancel their accounts. FB must have a slight problem already, because my Words with Friends site is constantly interrupted by a Facebook ad to join ! My motto what is good for the goose is good or has to be good for the gander.

  19. Gary Edwards

    June 21, 2020 4:06 pm

    If Soros is as bad as it appears… why hasn’t the federal government shut down his operation? Confiscated any and all money in our financial institutions and jailed him? Is he financially supporting too many politicians? Normally two and two always adds up to four but in his case nothing adds up correctly. If we’re simply “trying to keep an eye on him” it isn’t working. Let’s get on with ending his influence on our nation.

  20. CAB

    June 21, 2020 4:16 pm

    George Soros is truly evil. He hates democracy and is trying to ruin our country. He is Satan’s helper big time, so we know where he will go when he dies because his money can’t save his soul.

  21. Mike

    June 21, 2020 4:36 pm

    No reason why. He should be jailed and/ or killed and ask questions player. He should have no rights in this country and his money was ill-gotten. Lock his ass up until after the election, tell the ACLU to fuck off. He is a US enemy just as all terrorists are. Have someone knock him off and make him/ her a national hero as if they just killed bin laden.

  22. Radone

    June 21, 2020 6:06 pm

    Why in the hell does the DOJ not do anything to throw this corrupt instigator and terrorist financiers out of the US? He was thrown out of other countries and even his own for interference in their laws and government. Now he 2ants to take over the US and make it socialistic and give him the power he so desperately needs. Time for people to wake up? He is no good for our country and the Dems love him because he is putting up all the mon3y financing BLM and Antifa and every one else who will go against what our country stands for. Let’s throw him and his family out.

  23. JoAnne Roberts

    June 21, 2020 6:20 pm

    Soros is a real threat to the USA-with his money he can and does buy politicians-news outlets, Black Life Matters and other subversive groups. He provides money to these thugs, and pays for their expenses to go to peaceful rallies, protests- to commit mayhem-destroy property and of course loot!

  24. Jack

    June 21, 2020 10:47 pm

    As long as he can funnel millions to corrupt politicians thru make believe 501C3 organizations, he will be protected. POTUS should appoint a special council to investigate his network of shell organizations. Force the revealing of donors and enforce the giving limits. Any funds that come up as illegal goes to Social Security.

  25. Fred

    June 21, 2020 11:38 pm

    Wanted DEAD or ALIVE
    $5000 alive
    $50 million tax free DEAD
    See how long it takes. His own kids will kill him for $50 million. He killed his family for far less.

  26. chuck mckiernan

    June 22, 2020 12:36 am

    I am sure he will get his just reward in the end for what he did to his own people, working for the SS after changing his name, he became in charge of accounting of all the Jewish property as they were stripped of before being sent to labor and death camps, theres not a doubt in my mind that the Good LORD has his number and he will reap his due, and I’m sure he will have considerable company.

  27. Ronnie

    June 22, 2020 8:04 am

    Who is Chris Wallace ? Anyway get rid of him ! No one cares what he thinks ! TRUMP 20/20 democrats will try to steal the election with mail in voting 1 so sad . TRUMP 20/20 they are sick people

  28. Claire Barnes

    June 22, 2020 9:50 am

    Soros should be locked up in a private cell, key thrown away, no outside communication, no phones, computers, just himself, single, solitary confinement with a mirror to see himself on a daily basis.

  29. Carolyn

    June 22, 2020 11:48 am

    Why is it he’s even in our country he’s already been banished from other countries. He doesn’t care about how we should love in our country he’s already been saying that he wants socialism here and I’m not feeling good about this at all…

  30. Kathrine Peckham Marshall

    June 23, 2020 9:16 pm

    BECAUSE of Soros ‘ GLOBALIST EVIL Cabal ———HE “IS” A THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY!!! The Trail of Proof is growing daily!! I PRAY THAT EVERY $$$ of his empire is CONFISCATED——FROZEN——WHATEVER !!! And then have the $ redirected to ALL OF OUR CITIZENS WHO HAVE HAD THEIR BUSINESSES —-BURNED, RUINED, DESTROYED——-STORE OWNERS WHO HAVE HAD THEIR HARD EARNED LIVELYHOODS DECIMATED——From the VIOLENCE OF LAWLESS LOOTING, BROKEN WINDOWS, ARSON!!! Not to mention—-the emotional frightening TRAUMAS committed by his well paid Anarchist —towards “WE THE PEOPLE , Towards OUR HISTORY, Shredding OUR CONSTITUTION & BILL of RIGHTS with such Viciousness!!! SOROS’ WIDE PATH OF EVIL DESTRUCTION & CHAOS CAN BE FOUND AROUND THE WORLD!! —-HE STILL HAS DUEL CITIZENSHIP with his home country of Hungry and with us!! HIS OWN COUNTRY PASSED LAWS THAT PROHIBIT HIM FROM HAVING ANY FURTHER INVOLVEMENT or ACTIVITY —with Hungary’s. Socio——ECONOMICS, POLITICS, or RELIGION!!! HE IS AN EXILE IN HIS OWN COUNTRY!! President Trump and AG Barr “MUST” rescind SOROS’ US CITIZENSHIP, never, never, allow him in any way to conduct business on any level here NOR WITH ANY “US OWNED INTERNATIONAL CONCERN!! PUT THE SAME KIND OF SANCTIONS DONE TO RUSSIAN, IRAN, CHINA OLIGARCHS!! SHUT HIM DOWN!! TAKE HIS POWER AWAY!! OUR PRESIDENT and AG HAVE TAKEN THE OATH OF OFFICE TO UPHOLD——PROTECT——-& DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION (NATION) from “ALL “ ENEMIES——-FOREIGN AND DOMES TIC !!!!! WELL, SOROS IS BOTH FOREIGN and DOMESTIC!!!—— SEIZE “ALL” OF HIS PROPERTIES, Investments, tax exempt organizations, ALL ACCOUNTS, anything of Monetary Wealth !! Forbid him to have any interaction OR PHONE/ INTERNET CONNECTION with any US CITIZEN OR BUSINESS!!! CUT HIS ABILITY to communicate IN ANYWAY !!! In an interview awhile ago, SOROS was asked: “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE GOD??” He Replied: “AT FIRST IT FELT RATHER STRANGE——BUT NOW, I MUST SAY, I AM ENJOYING IT!!!!” This the personification of PURE-EVIL!! WHEN THE ABOVE STEPS ARE TAKEN——it will probably kill him !! ———I just Pray (as a Christian Woman) that he will call upon The Good LORD JESUS CHRIST TO FORGIVE HIM and SAVE HIS SOUL!!! (Some how I hear him screaming, falling falling into the Dark abyss of Satan’s domain—— like ALL other ANTI-CHRISTS THAT HAVE PROCEEDED HIM). THIS HAS BEEN ALL OF HIS OWN CHOOSING and ALMIGHTY GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED!!! In JESUS CHRIST “MOST POWERFUL” NAME!! Amen/SO BE IT! Agape, Kathrine Peckham Marshall

  31. Scott Campbell

    June 24, 2020 12:18 am

    Hurry up and DIE George Soros. No-one in the ENTIRE world likes you. You look dead and have one foot in the grave anyway so do the honorable thing and give the billions of dollars that you have to the homeless and the remainder to Donald to help with his campaign.
    It would also be so great if you could take with you when you die those 2 old bastards The Rothschild’s too. Perhaps you could share a grave to stop you all from getting lonely. We could put you in the ground with your wee tiny dick up the arse of a Rothschild’s and the wee tiny dick of the other rothschild up your arse. Wouldnt that be nice for the 3 of you arse bandits?

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