Fox’s Laura Ingraham Wants Joe Biden To Call Off Violent Protestors After Election


Fox News host Laura Ingraham is now calling for Joe Biden to bring in his supporters to STOP protesting after election night.

According to a report by The Sun, Ingraham says that Joe Biden absolutely needs to “tell supporters not to commit acts of violence and destruction” once the election is over.

Ingraham Tells Biden To End The Violence

Regardless of who wins, Laura Ingraham is pushing for Joe Biden to step in and stop Democrats who are rioting and looting after the election, saying:

“I call on Joe Biden to urge his supporters not to commit acts of violence and destruction on Election Night.”

Ingraham then warned that nobody should allow people to demoralize them. And you can just look at Donald Trump’s rallies as an example:

“No one can stop you from casting your vote on Election Day. They wanted to demoralize you, but look at these [Trump] rallies.”

She used Trump supporters as an example of people not allowing themselves to be swayed by angry, violent liberals:

“Look at them. Look at these caravans. Look at the boat parade. Trump supporters weren’t fazed at all by the left’s intimidation or social media censorship. They showed up for their man in Washington.”

Do YOU think Joe Biden should call off the violent rioting of liberal looters? Comment below!

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