Fox News Under Investigation By Private Investigators (REPORT)


A bombshell report has just been released that spells very bad news for Fox News.

According to Business Insider, Trump supporting CEO of My Pillow Mike Lindell has just confirmed that he has hired private investigators to probe Fox News to see why they’re covering up allegations of 2020 election fraud. He wants to know why they’re trying to prevent him from being interviewed on the network.

Fox News Under Investigation

In a recent interview with Donald Trump’s former political strategist Steve Bannon, Bannon asked My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell why Fox News isn’t talking more about Dominion Voting Systems and voter fraud:

“I don’t remember seeing you on Fox recently…Why are the Murdochs afraid of Dominion? Why is Mike Lindell not on Fox and why do they seem to say, hey, when Dominion says something, we’re just gonna shut up about it and talk about Biden’s tax bill?”

Mike Lindell responded, saying that he’s hired private investigators to see why Fox News is really refusing to talk about possible election fraud in the 2020 election:

“You know, I’m gonna have those answers soon, ’cause I’ve hired private investigators and I’ve spent a lot of money on them to investigate everything.”

Lindell continued, saying that there are some serious questions to answer about the election, and Fox News is trying to sweep them all under the rug:

“The bots and trolls, who’s behind them? Why is Facebook involved, Wikipedia involved? And then the big question: why isn’t Fox having people on? Why isn’t Fox on there talking about Dominion and Smartmatic and the election fraud?”

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