Fox News Takes Drastic Measures As Newsmax Climbs In Ratings


Fox News BETRAYED Republicans. And now they’re desperately trying to save their network before it crashes and burns.

According to a new report released from Newsmax, it has just been revealed that Fox News is now taking DRASTIC measures to save their network as ratings hit record lows. Meanwhile, more conservative news networks like Newsmax are at all-time highs.

Fox News Takes A Hit

The report indicates that Newsmax television has drawn in so many viewers away from Fox News, that Fox News is trying to desperately find a way to get viewers back.

The report says that Fox News has even changed its television lineup in a desperate attempt to gain more viewers. One way they changed their lineup is to AXE Martha MacCallum to an early afternoon slot.

Fox News has also begun moving around its television stars in an attempt to gain viewers back.

Newsmax reported the situation, saying:

“Newsmax’s consistently strong numbers during the day and especially at the 7 p.m. ET slot has caused panic at Fox, which rarely makes lineup changes.”

Newsmax even went a step further, saying:

“The Fox is on the run.”

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