Fox News Star Warns Politicians To Treat Trump With Respect Before He Starts New Party


It’s time for establishment politicians to treat U.S. President Donald Trump with respect. If they don’t, Trump will beat them and take his supporters with him.

According to a new report by The Gateway Pundit, Fox News star Lou Dobbs just issued a warning to the GOP that if they don’t treat President Donald Trump with respect, he will go out and build his own “Patriot Party.”

Lou Dobbs Issues Warning To The Establishment

Lou Dobbs issued a stern warning on Fox News, saying that U.S. President Donald Trump might create a successful political party if Republicans and Democrats don’t treat him right:

“I think of those 74 million Americans, if they continue to be insulted by the leadership of both political parties they are going to say, ‘The hell with you.’ And the Patriot Party will be born and it will be born with extraordinary strength and power.”

Lou Dobbs stated that he thinks real hardworking men and women in America have nobody representing them in this country, saying:

“The fact of the matter is, working men and women and their families right now have no representation.”

Lou Dobbs is absolutely right. It’s time for the establishment to realize that the American people are fed up with corruption as usual in politics.

If politicians don’t fight for us, we’ll fight them. Period.

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