Fox News Star Juan Williams Says GOP Should “Quarantine From Trump”


Juan Williams doesn’t belong at Fox News. And this idiotic announcement proves it.

In a written statement to the American people, Fox News star Juan Williams demanded that the “GOP needs a quarantine from Trump,” claiming that President Trump’s “support among Republicans” is somehow falling.

William’s claims are all complete rubbish. But it gets even worse.

Not only does Williams say that Trump’s support among Republicans is falling, but he even made the ludicrous claim that “republicans are wise to consider the political equivalent of a quarantine of Trump…”

It’s Not True

Although the disgraceful Williams can claim whatever he wants – unlike him, the facts don’t lie.

President Donald Trump’s support among Republicans is higher than ever before. And not only that, but his support among independent voters is climbing as well, as we revealed in one of our recent reports.

Williams may try to pretend that Donald Trump has been hurt by the Coronavirus outbreak, but in reality, it only made Trump stronger.

This pandemic proved Trump right about strong borders. This pandemic proved Trump right about the dangers and corruption of China, The pandemic proved Trump right about getting tough with Iran.

All of these issues were good for Trump, not bad.

Juan Williams Needs To Go

It’s time for Fox News to finally take action against Williams. His views are completely worthless at this point. It’s Democrats like him who are completely destroying the once great news network.

Juan Williams needs to go the way of Shep Smith. He doesn’t belong at Fox News. He doesn’t add anything useful to politcal conversation.

Just like Chris Wallace, Williams doesn’t belong on television.

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