Fox News Officially Becomes Most-Watched News Network On Cable Television


It’s official. Fox News is now the most watched news network on cable television.

According to a new report released by Mediaite, Fox News’s hit show “The Five” has just become the most watched news show on cable television with more views than MSNBC and CNN.

Americans Want Fair And Balanced

According to Mediate, research was done by Nielsen Media Research that showed Fox News attracted 1.88 million viewers on Friday. The large number of views made Fox News the most watched news network on cable television.

What did especially well was Fox News’ show “The Five,” which  pulled the best ratings outside of primetime and ranked second in all of cable news in both overall viewers.

Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC seemed to perform worse than usual. CNN only had 1.52 million overall viewers in spite of the fact that it reaches more people than Fox. MSNBC also had a small number of viewers, 1.17 million.

The fact that Fox News was able to beat both networks shows just how fed up the American people are with fake liberal news.

American Are Tired Of Fake News

One reason that Fox News’ “The Five” seems to be doing so well is that their hosts refuse to let liberals spread misinformation.

Just a few days ago, one of the hosts on “The Five” DESTROYED liberal guest Juan Williams after Williams falsely blamed Donald Trump for causing inner city violence.

The host, Greg Gutfeld humiliated Williams, saying that he should be ashamed for spreading such misinformation:

“Wake up, Juan! You’ve got to wake up to this and start helping your party face the truth.”

The Democrat Boycott Didn’t Work

Fox News managed to become the most watched news network on television in spite of being the target of Democrats.

Democrats purposely tried to tank Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show. Companies owned by liberals purposely pulled advertising from his show all at once to bankrupt the show.

But in the end, Tucker Carlson has led to become one of the most popular hosts in Fox News history.

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