Fox News’ Juan Williams INSANELY Blames Trump For Coronavirus Deaths


Tasteless Juan Williams is completely out of control.

In a written statement released to the public, the Democrat Fox News commentator Williams blasted Donald Trump, even going so far as to claim that Trump is “lying” to the American people about Coronavirus and is causing people to die.

“You don’t need a cheat sheet on President Trump’s 2020 campaign strategy,” Williams said, claiming that Trump “wants you to forget his stumbles on the battlefield of the coronavirus pandemic.”

But not only did Williams attack Trump for his Coronavirus response. But Williams even went a step further by calling Donald Trump’s strategy to fight Coronavirus a “lying strategy.”

Williams even claimed Trump’s leadership is killing people.

Williams Blames Trump For Coronavirus Deaths

“Trump’s failure of leadership, constant spewing of misinformation and lack of a coherent national strategy allowed the virus to do greater damage to the economy than it otherwise would,” Williams claimed.

Williams mocked Trump supporters, lecturing them on supporting the president:

“Let me preempt my Trump-supporting friends right here, because I can feel them getting ready to interject.”

Williams then proceeded to go on an attack against all Donald Trump voters, stating:

“Any voter applauding Trump’s bluster has to close their eyes to the obvious.”

Juan Williams Should Be Fired

Words cannot describe how painful it is that Juan Williams still has a job for Fox News. It’s a disgrace to Republicans everywhere.

These baseless, ridiculous attacks are downright evil. Anyone who would blame a politcal opponent for the deaths being caused by Coronavirus right now does not deserve to belong on television.

Williams’ actions are shameful. It’s time for Fox News to take actions before it gets too late. Williams should be fired or Republicans will go elsewhere to receive their news.

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