Fox News Drops Coverage Of Trump Farewell Address

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Fox News has betrayed President Trump. This is disgusting.

According to a sickening report by The Gateway Pundit, Fox News has reportedly chosen NOT to air President Donald Trump’s farewell address to the nation calling for peace and prosperity. Instead, only Newsmax, OANN and Right Side Broadcasting Network carried it.

Fox News Drops Coverage Of Trump Farewell Address

President Donald Trump delivered a very powerful farewell speech on Tuesday calling for peace and unity across the nation. But Fox News didn’t cover it.

Instead, the liberal tech elites chose to IGNORE Trump’s speech.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

“Only Newsmax, OANN [One America News Network] and Right Side Broadcasting Network carried the president’s speech.”

This is just one of the latest examples of how Fox News has turned its back on Trump supporters. They don’t want to spread the truth. They just want to control information that pushes their elitist agenda.

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One Response

  1. Equalizer

    January 20, 2021 12:16 pm

    Fox has made a name for itself because of conservative viewers, this is now changing as their viewership has plummeted by 40% & climbing. Fox is now SCUMBAG Demonrat news. Demonrat scumbags who watch the other fake news will not switch over, because of this stunt. Patriots still have the power of their own purse & will use it accordingly. Research will reveal Conservative owned business or businesses owned by the backers of the socialist movement. Spending will be reflected accordingly. 75 + million people have that choice.


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