Fox News Crew Forced To Hit Ground After Shots Fired


A Fox New report was abruptly INTERRUPTED as rocket shots soared past. The camera was forced to the ground from the blast.

According to Fox News, one of their Fox News reports was STOPPED during a report as rocket fire from Hamas was FIRED toward the nation of Israel. Cameramen and crew were forced to the ground from the massive blasts.

Fox News Reporters Hit Ground During Rocket Attack

In the middle of a special Fox News report, reporters were suddenly forced to the ground in Israel as Hamas terrorists fired numerous missiles overhead. The massive explosions interrupted the report and staff was forced to hit the ground.

In fact, the reporter who was there even reportedly told Fox News:

“We have seen barrage after barrage tonight… and can you see an interception round flying there and explosion.”

The reporter later confirmed that he ordered his cameraman to “get down” as missile explosions happened overhead.

More updates likely to come. Stay tuned.

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