Fox News CEO Signs Document REFUSING To Be More Conservative After Ratings Collapse


Fox News is going completely liberal at this point. First they got rid of Bill O’Reilly, Trish Reagan, Lou Dobbs, and now this just happened.

According to a sickening report just released by AP News, Fox News’ liberal CEO Suzanne Scott has just signed a new contract stating that the network REFUSES to take a stand for the patriot movement despite the recent ratings collapse as viewers go watch other networks like Newsmax and One America News Network. They refuse to listen to their own viewers.

Fox CEO Signs It

The report states that Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott signed a new contract on Tuesday and the company said it will continue its “center right” programming mix despite a recent ratings DROP and legal fight against its flagship Fox News Channel.

Despite the fact that Fox News has seen some of the worst ratings in DECADES over their betrayal of Donald Trump and his supporters, the Fox CEO made the sickening statement that they think viewers are coming back:

“We fully expect that the overall news audience will normalize, and our share of ratings will dominate.”

As we have reported previously, Fox News’ television ratings are collapsing. Viewers are flooding over to more patriotic outlets like Newsmax who has hired Bill O’Reilly, Trish Reagan, and others.

Let’s be completely honest. If Fox News doesn’t start listening to the voice of American patriots, their network is not coming back.

Fox News has caved to the demands of the radical Democrats once too often. And now the American people are fed up.

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