Florida Governor Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Hurricane Isaias


The Governor of Florida has just declared a state of emergency.

According to The Hill, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has just declared a “State Of Emergency” for his state as Hurricane Isaias slams the southern part of the state.

Hurricane Strikes

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state of emergency extends to all counties in the path of Isaias, including Broward and Miami-Dade. These counties are two of the most highly populated areas in the entire state.

On Twitter, DeSantis wrote:

Governor DeSantis also sent a written letter in an official capacity to President Donald Trump notifying him of the decision to declare a state of emergency for 19 counties “in anticipation of hurricane Isaias.”

Police Make Arrests

The hurricane is putting countless lives in danger. And the police have already reportedly made arrests of people who were “defying weather warnings” by going surfing.

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According to Daily Mail, despite warnings from the police who stood by the shore, police were forced to make arrests after surfers refused to leave the beach as the hurricane hit the state.

Tropical Storm Isaias strengthened into a hurricane late Thursday with reported winds of 80mph, according to Hurricane Hunters, with the possibility of worsening as it swirls north.

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5 Responses

  1. Michael Webster

    August 1, 2020 11:07 pm

    This has become a bad attitude in our country, people need to read the first admendment to the constitution, first no admendment is absolute, second our right to do whatever we want even if it hurts someone else is not guaranteed, the first admendment does not protect this. We all need to really think about our actions before we do them especially if others are involved and can be hurt. Take those people surfing when the hurricane hits and they are in danger of dying they will call for help and put the first responders and in jeopardy, because they have to respond no matter the circumstances, same with the police. That is pure selfishness, this one of the downsides of American individualism. The coronavirus pandemic is another example not wearing masks, not listening to the health experts, because they were wrong on some things. First of all no one has ever seen this virus before, so scientists are trying to figure out how to fight this, when they found out they were wrong they immediately changed to do it differently and did not deny they were wrong or tried to cover it up. All these people who say masks don’t work, or that the virus is no big deal, if they think they are smarter than the scientists why don’t they step up and fix things.


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