FBI Launches Insider Trading Probe Against Dianne Feinstein


When Coronavirus first started spreading in America, Senator Dianne Feinstein tried to take advantage of the outbreak to line her own pockets with money. Except it looks like she may have committed a crime while doing it.

According to an explosive report by the New York Post, the FBI has just launched a probe against Feinstein after it was revealed that she and her husband may have sold their stock using insider information about Coronavirus. If true, it would be considered insider trading, which is a very serious crime.

Probe Launched

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office has reported that Feinstein was directly contacted by the FBI about stock sales her husband made early in the coronavirus pandemic. However, it appears as if Feinstein tried to talk with the FBI officials as little as possible to avoid perjury.

Feinstein only provided the FBI with written answers to their questions. No interviews.

In those written statements, Feinstein’s official spokesman Tom Mentzer claims that Feinstein denied participating in insider trading, claiming that Feinstein said she “had no involvement in her husband’s transactions” in spite of the fact that her husband sold their stock after Feinstein was given insider information about the Coronavirus outbreak and how it would impact the economy.

But alas, it looks like she’s going to get away with it.

The FBI Is Only Targeting Republicans

Although Feinstein is one of four senators facing scrutiny for stock sales early in the crisis, she’s being treated like royalty by the FBI. With Republicans however, the story is different.

The FBI actually served a warrant Wednesday on Republican Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and even seized his cellphone over allegations of insider trading. But that didn’t happen to Feinstein.

Burr, who was privy to early intelligence reports on the pandemic, sold as much as $1.72 million in stocks weeks before the market crashed. He even lost his chairmanship of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday amid the FBI investigation.

And although Feinstein’s family literally did the same thing, the FBI mostly seems to be turning away from prosecuting her.

Needless to say, this is absolutely nuts. The only person facing harsh treatment by the FBI over the issue of insider trading is a Republican in spite of the fact that Democrats did it too. It’s almost as if Republicans are being targeted while corrupt officials like Feinstein are allowed to do what they want.

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