Famous Liberal Says Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Must Go


In spite of the fact that he been a longtime liberal sympathizer, Harvard Professor and lawyer Alan Dershowitz has served as a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team.

However, due to the craziness of Democrat leaders, Dershowitz has finally joined Republicans in calling for House leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to leave office.

Democrats Need New Leadership

On Sunday, Dershowitz was speaking to John Catsimatidis, radio host of a show called “The Cats Roundtable.” Dershowitz made some extremely interesting comments regarding the failings of the Democrat Party.

“I’m a liberal Democrat. I want to see the Democrats win, but the Democrats aren’t helping themselves. I think the Dems need new leaders if they have any chance of returning to power in the two-party system.”

Dershowitz then went on in detail to explain which Democrats should be the first to be replaced:

“I think they need new leadership. I think Schumer and Pelosi have to go.”

Goodbye, Pelosi and Schumer

The fact that a hardened Democrat like Dershowitz would call for Pelosi and Schumer to be axed shows how badly mismanaged the Democrat Party has become. Even Democrats want to replace their leaders!

This confirms exactly what President Donald Trump has been saying for years. The Democrat Party is broken. It has lost its way.

The only way to fix the Democrat Party is by kicking out Pelosi and Schumer – and getting rid of them fast.

Democrat leaders should be very scared right now. When they lost the impeachment war against Donald Trump, they lost their credibility. They embarrassed their party and the nation. And they’re about to pay for it.


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