Evidence – Hunter Biden in Sex Trafficking Ring

In a recent interview, Senator Ron Johnson made startling claims, suggesting that Congressional Republicans possess undeniable evidence implicating Hunter Biden in a series of illicit activities. The allegations include the payment of large sums of money to an international sex trafficking ring for engaging in prostitution, all financed by his father. This article delves into the details surrounding these allegations, shedding light on the evidence presented by Senator Johnson and the potential implications for President Joe Biden.

The Biden Family’s Alleged Corruption. Senator Johnson, along with Senator Grassley, released a report in September 2020, providing substantial evidence that allegedly exposes the Biden family’s corrupt practices. Despite the significance of these allegations, Johnson asserts that the mainstream media overlooked and censored the information, compromising its public scrutiny.

Hunter Biden’s Involvement in Sex Trafficking. A crucial aspect of the allegations involves Hunter Biden’s purported payment of tens of thousands of dollars to an international sex trafficking ring. According to Senator Johnson, there is evidence suggesting that these funds were used to engage prostitutes associated with the illicit organization. The senator emphasizes the gravity of this accusation, referring to it as “morally reprehensible and wrong.”

President Biden’s Role and Defense. Senator Johnson further highlights the role played by President Biden in enabling his son’s behavior. He claims that during a period of four to five months when Hunter Biden was spending significant amounts on the sex trafficked women, the president allegedly offered to pay $100,000 of his son’s bills. Johnson expresses his exasperation that President Biden defends these actions, questioning the lack of media investigation into the matter.

Media’s Negligence and Public Outrage. The senator criticizes the media for failing to concentrate on these allegations and stresses that the evidence supporting them is available in their report. Johnson laments the media’s reluctance to address such repugnant matters, suggesting that the topic may be too uncomfortable for public discussion.

Concerns about the Department of Justice and Potential Cover-Up. Senator Johnson voices his concerns regarding the Department of Justice’s handling of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged misconduct. He predicts that the department might allow Hunter Biden to enter into a plea agreement and seal his case records, potentially preventing the American public from learning the full extent of his and Joe Biden’s involvement.

GOP’s Investigation and Revelations. During a press conference held by House GOP lawmakers, Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan revealed that they had reviewed 170 suspicious activity reports associated with the Biden family’s dealings. According to Republicans, attempts were made to conceal over $10 million in foreign payments, and a complex network of more than 20 companies, predominantly established during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, was created by Biden family members and their business associates.