EMERGENCY – New “Fever” Is Killing 1 In 100!

According to a new report by Daily Mail, a deadly new infection is spreading across the United States. The infection is called “Valley Fever” and is reportedly 10 times more deadly than the flu.

“Valley Fever,” as it is called, has cases popping up 20-fold since the turn of the century.

It has gone from what used to be a rare illness to becoming a terrifyingly familiar diagnosis in Arizona and California. It seems to be creeping into the United States.

In fact, the fungus is expected to creep into 17 states.

The worst part? Hollywood has played this trope on us before.

The popular HBO show “The Last Of Us” depicts a fungus that turns victims into brain-dead zombies. Sadly, that doesn’t appear too far from the truth when it comes to “Valley Fever”.

This new “Valley Fever” is a fungus and its infecting people and targeting their respiratory system. Thankfully, no zombie symptoms have been found but it’s still extremely dangerous and scary.

The only solution? Build up your immune system. Focus on eating nutritious food and vitamins.

You never know what could enter America’s door.