EDITORIAL: The Evidence That Hillary Clinton Might Run in 2020


This article was written by Blake Williams – Chief Editor at Baltimore Dispatch.

When Hillary Clinton was beaten by Republican challenger Donald Trump in 2016, she lost a part of herself. Her entire identity as a strong female politician was taken from her just like the hope was taken from all Democrat voters on that fateful night.

You only need to look at pictures of Hillary to know that her depression was spiked after November 8th of 2016. She even later admitted to drinking wine to cope with her devastating loss.

But although Hillary Clinton seemed defeated then, something seems to have happened to her…

Now, Hillary Clinton is making appearances on the Late Night show with Stephen Colbert, The View, and Rachel Maddow. There’s something cooking – and you can just smell it.

I’m not the only one to speculate that Hillary Clinton might jump in the 2020 election. Great political giants like former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has even stated that he believes she will run. Just as the numerous political gamblers who have placed loads of money behind her.

But while this may seem like proof that Hillary is about to run, many nay-sayers claim that her actions are only in order to push her new book that she wrote with her daughter entitled “Gutsy Women.”

However, this theory completely melts away when you realize that it’s very rare for Hillary Clinton and her daughter to even talk about the book when they are being interviewed. Instead, they seem more focused on the political events happening in Trump’s administration.

We simply must take the fact seriously that Hillary Clinton may be attempting to run again.

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