Donald Trump’s Top Impeachment Lawyer Revealed


It’s official. U.S. President Donald Trump’s new lawyer has just been announced for the impeachment trial.

According to an explosive report by The Hill, Senator Lindsey Graham has just confirmed that South Carolina attorney Butch Bowers will be a lead attorney in U.S. President Trump’s impeachment trial.

Top Trump Lawyer Announced

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told reporters on Thursday that U.S. President Donald Trump has just officially picked the leadership in his impeachment trial. Apparently Trump has chosen South Carolina Attorney Butch Bowers to lead his defense.

Lindsey Graham was thrilled with the decision saying that it’s going to give Trump an edge:

“I think [Trump’s] gonna have a good [legal team]. Butch Bowers I think will be sort of the anchor tenant. I’ve known Butch for a long time, solid guy. And I think, you know, over time, they’ll put the team together.”

Who Is Butch Bowers?

Butch Bowers is a legend in the law profession. According to Miller Law Group, Bowers is described as having “innovative problem-solving approach, strategic thinking, and reliable legal advice.” He’s a National Guard patriot who serves in America’s armed forces.

And not only that, but Bowers also a high ranking official: “He is the State Staff Judge Advocate for the SCANG and holds the federally-recognized rank of Colonel.”

It’s a great choice by Trump. It’s very likely that Bowers will give Donald Trump a strong legal defense and win him a lot of respect.

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