Donald Trump Successfully VETOES Democrat Bill Giving Free Money To College Students


Democrats are trying to exploit young people. And President Donald Trump isn’t having it.

According to Fox News, Donald Trump has just successfully VETOED Democrats’ bill that would have paid off college student loans using taxpayer money.  Although Democrats knew the bill would cost America too much money, they tried to pass it anyway in an effort to spite Trump. But thankfully, Democrats failed.

No More Bailouts

House Democrats on Friday failed to override President Donald Trump’s veto of a measure that would have made the government pay for the education of college students who felt “misled” by colleges into getting a degree.

Republicans slammed the bill because it would have forced American taxpayers to pay for other people’s college degrees.

One Republican Congress member, Rep. Virginia Foxx remarked:

“Massive loan forgiveness has long been a Democrat objective, and the Obama rule was a giant leap toward that goal. One that also ignored the high cost to taxpayers.”

Thankfully, Trump vetoed the bill once it reached his desk.

Trump wants to set a higher bar for loan relief so that American taxpayers are not forced to randomly pay for other people’s college.

More Democrat Hypocrisy

Democrats have spent years claiming it’s wrong to give tax breaks to businesses. And yet they seriously want to force us to pay for the college degrees of young millennials?

That is insane!

It’s time to teach young people responsibility. It’s time to teach young people that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Trump is right. If people want to go to college, they should pay for it just like anybody else.

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