Donald Trump Jr. Calls Joe Biden A “Pedophile” On Twitter


Donald Trump Jr. isn’t holding back any punches. As the 2020 presidential election finally ramps up, Trump Jr. doesn’t want ANYONE to forget that Joe Biden is a sexual predator.

That’s why on Saturday, Trump Jr posted a picture on his Instagram account that referred to Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden of being a “pedophile,” according to Business Insider.

The image posted by Trump Jr. showed Biden with the message: “See you later, alligator” and below it an image of an alligator with the words: “In a while, pedophile.”

A screenshot of Trump Jr. picture can be seen below:

The media went nuts in response to the picture. Networks like the New York Times launched numerous attacks against Trump Jr. calling him a “baseless” accuser.

In response to the attacks, Trump Jr. decided to personally write a written statement about the picture on Twitter, which he said that anyone with “common sense” would know that he was joking around. And he also said that Biden brought the situation on himself by not being able to keep his hands to himself.

Trump Jr.’s tweet has been added below:

And Trump Jr. went a step further, claiming that Biden has been caught numerous times acting inappropriately around young children:

Needless to say, Democrats are freaking out that anyone would criticize their nominee for president.

This isn’t the first time Trump Jr. has had the guts to say what all Americans are thinking in private. In April, Trump Jr. also suggested that Hillary Clinton may have had a role in killing Jeffrey Epstein, the financier who supposedly killed himself in a New York jail cell in August while awaiting trial on child trafficking charges.

You can either love or hate Trump Jr., but one fact remains clear: Trump Jr. isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. And that’s exactly what America needs.

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