Donald Trump In Private Talks With Top Republican Lawyer

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A shocking new report has just been released confirming private meeting involving Donald Trump.

According to a new report just released by The Gateway Pundit, sources confirm that Donald Trump has privately been meeting with a top Republican attorney who is leading the charge to investigate mass voter fraud.

Trump Meetings Confirmed

Donald Trump is reportedly having meetings with Cleta Mitchell, who is a top Republican lawyer currently working to fix election laws to secure America’s elections.

Mitchell has confirmed with the press that she has been meeting with President Donald Trump to discuss ways to craft more restrictive laws to prevent election fraud and election meddling.

Mitchell confirmed the private meetings, saying that a new movement is growing with Donald Trump to make sure mass voter fraud never happens again:

“People are actually interested in getting involved and we have to harness all this energy. There are a lot of groups that have projects on election integrity that never did before.”

This is wonderful news! It’s time for Trump supporters to band together and make sure that mass voter fraud is never allowed to happen again.

We can do this!

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