Donald Trump HIRES Fox News Star Anthony Tata For Pentagon Position


It’s official. President Donald Trump has just hired a former Fox News commentator to head a high level post at the Pentagon, according to a special report by the Daily Mail.

Anthony Tata, who has commonly been seen on such Fox programs as the Trish Regan Primetime show, is a huge Donald Trump supporter who has constantly defended Trump on numerous issues throughout Trump’s presidency.

And now, President Donald Trump wants Tata to serve as an undersecretary of defense for policy. Tata would replace John Rood, who was recently forced out of office.

Tata’s History Of Fighting For Trump

Tata has repeatedly talked up President Trump during Fox News appearances. He also has defended Eddie Gallagher, a Navy SEAL tried for war crimes who President Trump repeatedly backed up on Twitter.

And it appears that Tata was right to believe in Gallagher. Because Gallagher was acquitted of his crimes in July of 2019, just as President Trump had predicted.

It’s pretty clear that Tata and Trump agree on most issues. And it looks like they are a match together.

No Dirt In This Man’s History

Before he could be picked for the position, Tata had to undergo a very intense background check process by the government to ensure that he wasn’t hiding anything scandalous in his past.

So the Interior General conducted a complete investigation of Tata, discovering very little to undermine Tata’s credit. Everything seemed in order. The only issue seems to have been an alleged affair that Tata may have had during his time in the military. However, it seems he had already filed for divorce from his wife before it happened.

He had an affair with a civilian in 1992 after Tracy Tata had failed for divorce, the IG found. She said Tata told her he was married after the two had had sex. He ended the relationship ‘because he knew it was wrong,’ he told investigators.

Tata told the Observer:

‘You know, I was separated when that happened. Sure, military law says you’ve got to be divorced. OK, I get that, and I owned up to that.’

Tata has been very honest and up-front about his past. Meaning, it’s very likely that he will be one of the main officials in Donald Trump’s administration that Trump can look to for support during the difficult times.

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