Donald Trump Exposes CNN Reporter For Taking Off Face Mask When Nobody Was Looking


President Donald Trump just exposed fake news CNN in the most hilarious, epic way possible.

After video footage was just released showing CNN reporter reporter Kaitlan Collins quickly taking off her protective Coronavirus face mask once cameras were off at a White House press conference, President Donald Trump exposed her for being a complete “fake” when it comes to taking Coronavirus safety measures, according to Fox News.

On Twitter, Trump completely blasted Collins by retweeting a tweet by his son Eric who shared a video of Collins taking off her mask with the comment, “Just a reminder that @CNN is a total joke.”

Trump added a comment of his own, calling Collins a “CNN faker.” You can see his tweet below:

Watch the video. And remember, CNN is the same group of people who attack Republicans for not wearing face masks. Meanwhile, even they don’t wear them in private either. It’s such hypocrisy on their part.

Of course, CNN’s Collins tried to attack Trump after he shared the humiliating video of her. She even claimed that it was disrespectful to the 90,000 people who have died from Coronavirus to talk about the fact that her “safety precaution” measures are just for show and don’t help accomplish anything real:

CNN Is A Joke

This is the perfect example of what is wrong with CNN today. They are so busy attacking Donald Trump for not reacting to Coronavirus quickly enough, meanwhile their own employees are just pretending to follow safety measures while in public – only to ignore those safety measures when nobody is looking.

This is all you need to know about CNN to know that they are completely fake news. They have lost all credibility, and Donald Trump is exposing them once and for all.

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