Donald Trump Enemy Resigns In Disgrace


One of Donald Trump’s enemies was just forced to RESIGN in total disgrace. Good riddance!

According to a new report just released by The Hill, a top Southern Baptist official who launched a DISGRACEFUL attack against Donald Trump announced that he is resigning after 8 years of employment due to the outrage of his disgraceful comments.

Trump Enemy RESIGNS Abruptly

Russell Moore, who used to serve as the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, suddenly announced his resignation and confirmed that he would be moving on to a different career.

He released a statement that was very vague about the reason he left:

“I’ve struggled with this decision, because my gratitude for the honor of serving the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is so deep. As I conclude my time serving Southern Baptists as ERLC president, I am filled with gratitude as well as excitement for the future.”

But we know the truth about why he really left.

He Tried To Attack Trump!

As the Wall Street Journal has reported, Moore got in a lot of trouble in 2016 when he came out ATTACKING Donald Trump’s candidacy. He claimed that Trump wasn’t fit to be president!

Moore even DISGUSTINGLY claimed that Christians were wrong to support Trump!

Well, now Trump is getting the final laugh. Moore destroyed his career and now Trump will go on to be one of the most popular Republicans since Reagan.

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