Donald Trump Being Briefed On Election Audit In Arizona (REPORT)


It’s happening. Donald Trump is reportedly in contact with election auditors in the Arizona election audit.

According to a bombshell report just released by Populist Press, legendary lawyer Rudy Giuliani has just confirmed on Steve Bannon’s show that Donald Trump is currently being briefed on the ongoing election audit in the state of Arizona. Giuliani says Democrats are going to lose this case.

Donald Trump Being Briefed

According to Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump is currently in contact with investigators who are auditing the 2020 election ballots in Arizona. Trump is following the situation, and Rudy Giuliani says Democrats are about to lose the case:

“The President knew about this… this action has been going on for about three weeks. He’s been up to date and very interested in the whole thing.”

Giuliani continued, saying that Democrats have lost this case:

“They already lost this case 2 weeks ago. This is a last gas effort to reargue the case.”

You can watch the interview yourself below:

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