DeSantis is a Savage – Mexican Cartel BEWARE!

In a daring and unapologetic move that resonates with America-first values, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on Thursday, vowed to take the fight directly to the Mexican drug cartels. Not one to mince words, DeSantis declared that if elected President, he would “absolutely reserve the right” to drone strike these cartels, showcasing a fearless approach “if they’re invading our country and killing our people.”

Speaking during a Q&A in Iowa, DeSantis doubled down on his bold stance, telling NBC News, “I said I would use whatever force we need to defend the country,” adding, “We’d be willing to lean in against them, and we reserve the right to defend our country.” This direct and powerful message is a stark contrast to the limp-wristed approach of current Washington elites.

Earlier this month, DeSantis didn’t just stop at strong words but laid down a concrete plan. He pledged to build a wall on the Mexican border and to use lethal force against the cartels. “Day one, we’re declaring it to be a national emergency,” he thundered, adding, “I’m going to do what no president has been willing to do. We are going to lean in against the cartels directly, and we are going to use deadly force against them.” It’s a promise that has resonated with those who believe in strong borders and the rule of law.

Meanwhile, as DeSantis takes a firm stand, more Democrats are finding it hard to ignore the glaring failures of Joe Biden’s immigration policy. Even New York City mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has had to admit that Biden’s approach is “not sustainable,” as massive numbers of illegal immigrants are showing up in New York City, living on the streets, and contributing to the decay of law and order.

DeSantis’ comments not only underline a bold and unyielding approach to one of America’s most pressing problems but also highlight the chasm between his no-nonsense, patriotic leadership and the failed, directionless policy of the current administration. It’s a battle-cry for those who believe in strong, assertive leadership that puts America’s safety first.