Dems Trying To Leak Info From The White House – Trump Blames Adam Schiff


President Donald Trump has just made a startling announcement.

After investigative journalist Catherine Herridge from CBS revealed that briefers were pressed by lawmakers for “evidence” that Russia is trying to help Trump win 2020, President Trump suggested that it was just another attempt by Rep. Adam Schiff to leak sensitive information from the White House.

Trump stated in a tweet the following:

Why Trump Blames Schiff

This isn’t the first time Trump has accused Schiff of being behind a plot to undermine the authority of the White House. After all, Schiff has done it before.

Washington Times even suggested in a report that Schiff caused his reputation to “crumble” due to his obsession with leaking classified information.

Adam Schiff’s strategy is simple. He recklessly leaks bits of info accuse all who disagree with his idiotic liberal agenda of being “Russian Assets”.

A Threat To America

Needless to say, it’s time to punish the lawmakers responsible for this. The fact that elected lawmakers are purposely trying to have classified information leaked to the press for political purposes isn’t just unethical – it’s downright illegal.
There are several laws in place that prohibit such vile behavior. The penalty for such a crime can be has harsh as a 9 year prison sentence!

If it’s true that Adam Schiff is behind such data leaks, then he should absolutely be put on trial and face the consequences of his actions. If he truly is leaking classified information, he should have to face the music just like anyone else.


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