Democrats Target AG Bill Barr – Announce Decision To Slash His Pay


This is insane.

Democrat House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has just called for Attorney General William Bill Barr’s salary to be SLASHED because he dared to help President Donald Trump fight against the witch hunt Russia investigation.

According to Fox News, Jerry Nadler confirmed that he wants to SLASH Attorney General Bill Barr’s office budget by MILLIONS of dollars because of his “political” alliances with Donald Trump. They want to destroy his career for daring to work with the president!

Nadler Targets Barr’s Career

In a statement to the press, Nadler said:

“I am not going to spend months litigating a subpoena with an Attorney General who has already spent years resisting the courts and legitimate congressional oversight—but neither will we stand by and allow Mr. Barr to continue to corrupt the Department.”

And not only that, but Nadler claimed that Barr should be punished for fighting against the Russia investigation – which has since been proven to be a complete and total hoax that was meant to hurt Donald Trump politically:

“The Attorney General’s behavior is unacceptable. He continues to undermine his career staff in a flailing effort to erase the findings of the Mueller investigation.”

If Democrats Hate Barr, Then He Must Be Doing Something Right

The fact that Democrats are so scared of Attorney General William Barr must mean that he’s doing something right. And he has made some amazing decisions recently.

Just a few days ago, Barr worked with Donald Trump to launch a civil rights investigation into the murder of George Floyd. They want to make the murders pay for Floyd’s death.

A week before that, President Donald Trump directed Attorney General Bill Barr make charges against “Deep State” operatives who targeted Donald Trump’s presidential campaign illegally. And they are still working on that.

A week before that, President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr are working together to launch an anti-trust lawsuit against social media giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter for silencing Conservatives online. The lawsuit should be ready soon.

Needless to say, Democrats are scared to death of what he might do to them.

They Want To Destroy Barr

This isn’t about justice or defending the DOJ from politics. This IS politics. Democrats are merely targeting William Barr because he’s working closely with Trump. That’s it.

They literally want to destroy Bill Barr’s career because of politcal reasons. It’s illegal and needs to be stopped.

Do YOU think Democrats are wrong to target Bill Barr? Comment below!

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