Democrat Committee Issues Subpoenas Targeting Trump Officials

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Once again, Democrats are on a mission to personally target President Donald Trump’s closest allies. This is out of control.

According to a new report from The Hill, Democrats in the United States House have just SUBPOENAED members of President Donald Trump’s White House. Democrats are launching another witch hunt targeting Trump officials. Why? Because Democrats baselessly claim Trump somehow interfered with the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It’s another witch hunt!

Democrats Target Trump’s Closest Allies

Democrats in a U.S. House committee that calls itself the “Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis” announced in a written letter that they are going to launch another witch hunt probe targeting President Donald Trump’s health officials.

This time, Democrats are issuing subpoenas because they claim Trump officials didn’t act fast enough over Coronavirus.

In the letter, the Democrat officials WRONGLY claimed Trump officials didn’t act fast enough to respond to the virus despite the fact that Trump was one of the earliest responders, writing:

“[Trump officials] targeted reports that provided evidence of the virus’s ‘early spread; across the country and ‘massive spread’ this summer, which they believed sent ‘the wrong message’ about the Administration’s policies…”

It’s pretty obvious that Democrats are trying to blame Republicans for the spread of Coronavirus. The fact that Democrats would do this is absolutely sickening.

It’s another witch hunt. This is all political. And it’s wrong. Period!

Do YOU think Democrats are wrong to politicize the Coronavirus? Comment below!

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One Response

  1. FrankAboutIt

    December 21, 2020 10:29 pm

    How bazaar that the Democratic Communist Party who conspired with Communist Red China to bring the COVID Virus to the shores of the United States after Fauci moved his research on developing the Virus to Wuhan after failed unlawful, and illegal attempts to patent the Virus here in the U.S., are now attempting to blame their own assault on America and millions of innocentAmericans on the Republicans.
    Democrats are the scourge and the slime of the earth. They have done nothing for America and Her People for decades now. The corruption and criminal activities of the Democrats are unmatched anywhere on earth with perhaps the exception of Communist Red China.


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