Democrats Call For President Trump’s Immediate Suspension On Twitter


Once again, the radical, hateful, divisive Democrats are showing their true colors this election.

According to a new report by Fox Business, Democrats are now calling for President Donald Trump to be SUSPENDED from Twitter BEFORE the election is over. They want to silence his ability to reach the American people despite him literally being the sitting president of the United States.

Democrats Target Trump

The report states that after President Donald Trump made Twitter comments claiming victory for himself in Pennsylvania, Democrats are now trying to silence him from speaking out again.

One Democrat, for instance, is Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly. He called for Trump to be removed from Twitter, saying:

“Suspend his account, @Twitter. Valid votes are being counted. This is America, not Russia.”

Another Democrat, U.S. House candidate David Cicilline accused Trump of “misinformation” and claimed that Trump needs to be “suspended,” saying:

Democrats Exposed

This is what the Democrat represents now. They literally want to silence their opponents. They want to shut down free speech in this nation.

This cannot be tolerated. Period.

If anyone deserves a voice in this nation, it is the president of the United States. If Democrats can’t handle this, then they should get out. End of story!

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  1. Carolyn

    November 7, 2020 11:02 pm

    Democrats are starting already on Trump to have his Twitter silenced. Who the fuck are you you bunch of idiots. Leave Trump alone I didn’t vote for Biden. You don’t have no control of the American people…


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