Democrat Strategist Goes Nuts On Fox News – Forced Off The Air By Laura Ingraham


Democrats are losing their minds over the Coronavirus outbreak.

In fact, one Democrat strategist guest on Fox News got so out of control that Fox host Laura Igraham just chose to take him off the air and go right to a commercial break because things got too “personal”.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham cut off a panel on her show after Democratic strategist Chris Hahn accused Rep. Matt Gaetz of pulling a stunt by wearing a gas mask on the House floor during the coronavirus crisis.

Immediately, the unhinged Democrat strategist Hahn started launching personal attacks against Gaetz. Hahn shouted, “You should be resigning from Congress, sir.”

Gaetz shot back that Hahn did not “have the intellectual ability to have an actual debate.”

These outbursts caused Laura Ingraham to just move the show on without both of them in spite of the fact that it was the Democrat strategist who started the fight.

You can watch the heated debate below:

Democrats Blame GOP No Matter What

This is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Democrat Party.

Rep. Gaetz literally went out on the House floor to talk about how dangerous Coronavirus is for society, and Democrats are still attacking him for “making a scene”.

But what would have happened if Republican leaders downplayed the Virus? Democrats would still attack us.

No matter what happens at this point, Democrat leaders are trying to politicize the virus. It has nothing to do with helping boost national security. It’s only about them pushing their stupid agendas.

Do YOU think Democrats are wrong to politicize Coronavirus? Comment below!

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