Criminal Charges FILED Against Joe Biden For Sexual Assault


Charges have been filed against Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

A woman who served on former Vice President Joe Biden’s senate staff and who accused him of sexually assaulting her in 1993 has filed an official criminal complaint against the now presumptive Democratic presidential frontrunner. 

According to the Daily Mail, the woman’s name is Tara Reade and she officially filed the complaint about the alleged assault with the Washington Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C.

Serious Allegations

Although Reade admits that she doesn’t think police will be able to do anything because the attack happened such a long time ago, she thought the American people deserved to know about it.

Reade has said that Biden shoved his hand under her skirt and penetrated her with his fingers while they stood in a senate corridor, an accusation he denied when she first made the claim last month. She says it happened back in 1993.

Biden’s campaign quickly blasted Tara Reade for her claims, calling them unequivocally “false”.

Reade was among the women who came out last year alleging he was too handsy.

She had said that in 1993, while she was in her mid-20s and Biden was still a senator from Delaware, touched her several times and made her feel uncomfortable.

She also wrote the following in the tweet to the public:

“I was in my 20s I trusted my boss, Joe Biden. I want the generation behind me to feel the empowerment to lift their voice and stand in truth no matter how powerful the man or forces that enable him.”

Reade also included a picture of herself from 1993 so that people could see what she looked like during the time Biden allegedly assaulted her:

No Media Attention

What’s sad about this allegation is that the liberal media is covering it up. They aren’t even talking about it.

They’re ignoring these allegations in spite of the fact that they tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s career back in 2018 due to similar charges.

This is proof of how biased mainstream media really is. They don’t care about justice unless it can help them politically. It’s absolutely nasty.

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