Convicted Pedophile Gets Off Scott Free: New Loop Hole in Play!

The sheltering arms of the LGBT agenda have yet again played a dangerous role in the judicial system as a so-called “non-binary” sexual predator, Lucas Cole (who now parades around as “Oliver James Bond”), has dodged incarceration following a conviction of repeated sexual abuse.

From 2010, when the victim was a mere 15-year-old, Cole, 20 at the time, manipulated the youngster’s trust and proceeded to conduct a series of nightmarish molestations while the boy was in his slumber. Reports reveal that Cole enacted these sexual assaults on several occasions; in one horrifying episode, the boy awoke with Cole’s genitals in his mouth. It’s an atrocious scenario reminiscent of a horror flick, with the predator then claiming a “friends with benefits” relationship with the underage victim.

Cole’s heinous acts were tried in court and, after just an hour of deliberation, the jury found him guilty on all counts. However, his self-proclaimed “non-binary” identity seems to have acted as a shield, granting him a perverse privilege that is increasingly seen in LGBT-related court cases.

In a shocking display of warped justice, Cole, now officially a convicted pedophile, received no jail time and was handed down a sentence of 200 hours of community service instead. Sheriff David Hall’s comment “With some hesitation I am going to allow you to remain at liberty,” is chilling, considering the gravity of the crimes committed.

Sure, Cole has to register as a sex offender for the next five years and observe a six-month curfew, but the shocking leniency of his sentence could potentially leave him free to continue his disturbing pattern of behavior. Is this an example of the Scottish system of “justice” showing bias towards an individual’s non-binary status?

Jonathon Van Maren of LifeSiteNews expressed concern over this possible case of ‘transgender privilege’, where individuals identifying as a sexual minority seem to bypass the standards of justice applicable to others. Such a state of affairs sets a dangerous precedent, with numerous cases involving non-binaries and transgenders who perpetrate horrifying sexual crimes, often against minors, and escape the due punishment because of their protected status as LGBTs.

In a world that’s increasingly sensitive to gender identity and pronouns, the pressing question remains: why are these individuals, clearly guilty of heinous acts, allowed such leniency? Is our justice system so blinded by political correctness that it’s willing to risk the safety and wellbeing of our children? These are questions we must ask as we witness the decay of Western civilization and the alarming rise in these ‘Huns-and-Vandals’ moments.